‘Drifting’ was the winner of the ‘Busybird Publishing Great Novella Search 2016’ and was published in September, 2017.

Shortlisted for the Booranga Prize for Fiction in 2015 for ‘Nowhere’ and in 2016 for ‘Prince of the City’.

Shortlisted for Daylesford ‘Words in Winter Award’ 2018 forFremantle’.

Nominated for ‘Author of the Month’ July 2021 Spillwords



Going All the Way (Next Chapter 2021)

City of Sin (Next Chapter 2022)

City Of Fear (Next Chapter 2023)


Drifting’ published by Busybird Publishing September, 2017

The Heat’ published 2019

Preston Noir’ published in ‘Crime Double Feature…Neo Noir’ By Zombie Pirate Publishing 2020.

Short Story Collections.

My Town (Ginninderra Press, 2010) out of print.

Walking (Peggy Bright Books, 2016). out of print.

Wonderland (Close to the Bone UK 2021)

Tokyo Jazz and Other Stories (Next Chapter 2022)

This is Not a Love Song (Next Chapter 2023)


Writing with Schiz’ my account of being a writer with schizophrenia published on Writers Victoria website December 2018.

In Praise of Les Murray contribution published in Quadrant online January 2019.  A short essay on what it meant to me to have my work edited by Les Murray.

Short Stories in Literary Journals

Cigarettes published in Spillwords Journal

Under the Milky Way published in Spillwords literary Journal;

Parkville published in PunkNoir

Jazz published in Spillwords

Dealings published in PunkNoir Magazine

The Past published in Spillwords

Stars published in FourW

Wonderland published in Sudo Journal

Time’ published in Brain Drip, Australian online literary Journal 2018

‘The Streets’ published in FourW issue twenty-nine 2018

‘Ode to Darwin’ published in Other Terrain-issue 4

Prince of the City’ shortlisted for 2016 Booranga Prize and published in FourW.

Ambon’ Published in October 2016 issue Quadrant.

On the Outside’ published in June 2016 Quadrant

Sasha’ published in March 2016 Edition of Quadrant

‘Nowhere’ published in FourW– Issue 26 November 2015.

‘Nowhere’ also shortlisted for 2015 Booranga Prize for short fiction.

‘Bully’ published in October Quadrant 2015

‘Somebody’ published in Quadrant-May 2015

‘Norseman’ published in Quadrant-November 2014

Son’ published in Quadrant-July/August 2014

‘Satellite City’ published in Quadrant-April 2014

‘Kalgoorlie…and Disappointing Annie’ published in Quadrant December 2013

‘Leg Spinner’ published in Quadrant July/August 2016

‘The Darlo Bar’ published in Page Seventeen-Issue 6

‘My Town’ published in famous Reporter-Issue 38

‘Spin Out’ published in Bravado 15**

‘Slipping Away’ published in Bravado-Issue 16**

‘Sanjay Dhoni’ published in Bravado Issue-17**

‘Swings’ published in Wetink-Issue 18**

 ‘Blues for a Boy’ published in Wetink-Issue 22**

** Bravado and Wetink are no longer published.

‘This Life’ published in Takahe-Issue-71

‘Walking’ published in FourW-Issue 21

‘Pawn’ published in FourW-Issue 23

‘Going All the Way’ published in FourW-Issue 24


Interviews with Crime Authors published in UK magazine/website Crime Time…

Interview with Garry Disher @ CrimeTime here:

Interview with John Burdett-famous for his crime fiction set in Thailand @

Interview with Indigenous author Paul Collis @

Interview with crime author Dave Warner @

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