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Travis is the night manager at the Cross Motel in Sydney’s notorious late-night district, Kings Cross. His life takes a drastic turn after a sex worker is brutally murdered on his shift.

Having broken up with his girlfriend and lost his dream of becoming a professional AFL player, Travis’s life is in shambles. With the police breathing down his neck and his ex-girlfriend asking him to find her missing partner, Travis has got his plate full, and more.

His search takes him to Melbourne, where he also has to find two missing girls. Travis realizes there’s only one way out: find the people responsible and bring them to justice. But can he make it out alive?


Crime Double Feature…Neo Noir Out now through Zombie Pirate Publishing

Tokyo Jazz & Other Stories….coming soon through Next Chapter Publishing

Tokyo Jazz

She worked as a hostess in a club in Tokyo until she went missing three weeks ago. She had only been in the country for three months, was twenty-one years old. The Japanese cops had told her parents they had few leads. Moments before my Japan Airlines flight lands, I take the photo of her from the inside of my black suit jacket, stare at it. The blond hair like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, dark brown, almond-shaped eyes, a shy little smile on her still young cherubic face. Those Japanese guys in the club would have died for her. Her name is Lily Henderson, she is from Terrigal, a small town on the central coast of NSW. I get through customs quickly, buy a Suica card, find the express train from Narita Airport to Shibuya. It’s my first time in Japan. I’m doing what all the Tokyo guides told me to do. Takes a stranger to find a stranger. It is nine-thirty AM. I slept roughly on the flight. I am thirty years old. My name is Lee Janson. I’m a private investigator. I will do everything possible to find Lily, to try and bring some peace to the parents